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Guan Eng, Stop Being In Denial: Penang Dubbed ‘Prostitution Island’ By TripAdvisor

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Two days ago, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had posed a challenge to Umno to prove once and for all that illicit activities of gambling, prostitution and illegal nightclubs are rampant in the popular tourist destination.

Obviously it is foolhardy of him to put forward such a dispute as the proof is laid out in plain view for all to see.

Penang started off as a busy trading port in the early 18th century and flourished under the helm of the East India Company, garnering its moniker of Pearl Of The Orient. But nowadays, the Brits, who certainly never left the island, calls it ‘Prostitution Island” on popular tourism website, TripAdvisor.

A little investigation on Google found that Wikitravel Georgetown(under ‘Stay Safe) suggests: “Men walking alone or in small groups may have to deal with soliciting from prostitutes after dark, especially around the Love Lane/Lebuh Chulia areas. There are large numbers of prostitutes and/or ladyboys on the streets here after dark and they can be pushy.”

A survey published by The Star entitled “200 Sex Hotspots In Penang” proved how flagrant the sex industry in Penang has become. Some of these places even have Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates so that they could be found easily, said researcher Todd Morrison of the Northern Network for Migration and Refugees (JUMP).

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As expected, Guan Eng tries to shift the focus by pointing his finger to another party (right now, it’s the PDRM).

Guan Eng, quit the mumbo-jumbo already. Local councils across Penang has the power to terminate the permits of illegal premises and ultimately shut them down. If the owners refuse to co-operate, then the state government has the right to barge right in, with the help of the police.

Now, don’t tell me that Penangites have no choice but to turn a blind eye to these illicit activities, or Guan Eng has no clue of what’s lurking in the undergrounds of ‘his’ island?

And what’s the point of the 10,000 members of the Penang voluntary unit? After three years of its establishment, it seems that the state welfare, caring society and environment committee has failed to live up to its purpose.

Have they been effective in their role? Did they contribute in reducing the immoral businesses that has exceeded the bounds of law?

Or Guan Eng will continue on to sweep the pandemic under the rug and leave it to further infect the masses?

It it crunch time for Guan Eng to burst his own bubble and stop being in denial. Don’t jeopardized Penang’s good reputation as a world Unesco heritage site with your ignorance.

Every citizen in the peninsula has had some fond memories of the island state growing up. It was (and still is) the go-to school holiday vacation spot for Malaysians of all ages. If the problem is not addressed  immediately, the Penang we once knew could end up like Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, where one would be approached by pimps offering girls for the night.MYNEWSHUB




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