Grilled Flower Pot Chicken, A Hit In Kelantan

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KOTA BHARU – A trader’s unique cooking style of using clay flower pots to grill chicken has become a hit in Kelantan.

Stall owner Nurizwan Hafiza Tajudin, 27, said the idea to use flower pots for the dish popularly known as ‘’ayam bakar pasu tekup” was inspired two year’s ago when working in Melaka.

“Inspired by the cooking method of some traders in Melaka who sold chicken grilled in clay pots, I have improved the dish by using a special ‘grill and steam’ technique.

“To maintain the suppleness and unique ‘roast’ flavour, the chicken meat which is marinated for a day using my in-law’s secret herbal recipe is cooked over charcoal. The charcoal is placed on the top part which is covered in another pot,” the trader, who is also a full-time technician at the Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering Technology in Melaka, told Bernama at his stall in Pengakalan Chepa here today.

Nurizwan Hafiza who runs the grilled chicken stalls and ‘Pro Cendol Sabat’ stall in Tanjung Chat, Kota Bharu with the help of his family said since early Ramadan, they had succeeded in selling 180 pieces of grilled chicken using 30 clay flower pots.

“To ensure that all the parts of the chicken are properly cooked, the grilling process can take between 35 to 45 minutes,” explained the aspiring young father of a three-month-old infant.

The grilled delicacy is sold starting from 3pm at the stall in Pengkalan Chepa as well as at two other branches at Sri Aman, in Pasir Puteh and Binjai, Kubang Kerian. – BERNAMA