Govt Committed To Continue To Develop Beluran

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BELURAN – The size of the Beluran parliamentary constituency as the second largest in Sabah, after Kinabatangan, does not hamper the state and federal governments from continuing to carry out various development programmes to improve the people’s wellbeing.

The Beluran parliamentary constituency, covering 7,717 sq km which encompasses two districts –Beluran and Telupid – and a sub-district, Paitan, continues to receive development, especially basic facilities for its rural residents.

Beluran Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee said providing basic facilities such as water and electricity supply, as well as roads, continued to be a priority in Beluran as there were still people in the constituency which had yet to receive the facilities.

He said for villages in the sub-district of Paitan, hybrid solar facility was provided to enable the 3,000 odd houses to receive electricity supply.

The hybrid solar rural electricity supply project was carried out by the Rural and Regional Development Ministry in Kampung Talidusun, Pinangkau, Tanngkarason, Kabulu, Pantai Boring, Tampat and Sungai-Sungai.

Ronald, who is also deputy Speaker of Parliament, said a water treatment plant was also built to serve residents in several villages in Paitan and that the facility was also built in Nangoh for residents in Botiton up to Pamol.

He said in the Telupid district, nearly 90 per cent of the residents now enjoyed water and electricity supply, with efforts being made, through installation of pipes, to houses yet to have the facility.

“The Beluran parliamentary constituency requires a huge allocation from the government to ensure development and provision of public facilities can be implemented comprehensively and benefit all the residents,” he told Bernama.

He said the construction of the Beluran Sports Complex and a fire and rescue station in Pekan Beluran were indicators of development in the constituency.

To meet the needs of the young people in the constituency, Ronald said 72 community halls had been built to enable them to carry out sports and recreational activities.

The government had also built futsal courts in six villages, as well as sepak takraw and volleyball courts in other villages, he added.

On religious infrastructure, he said 37 new mosques and 17 new churches were built and upgrading work was also carried out on existing houses of worship in the constituency.

In general, the rural community in Beluran are beginning to enjoy the benefits of development brought by the government, he added. – BERNAMA