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Government Will Not Allow Extremists In Any Religion Create Conflicts

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KUALA LUMPUR – The government will not allow extremists in any religion create racial conflicts in the country, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the there were some people who abuse and use religion to achieve their goals.

“That’s what we must confront, deal with it and totally reject it,” he said at the National Peace and Harmony Banquet in conjunction with the launching ceremony of the Christians for Peace and Harmony in Malaysia Movement (CPHM) here Tuesday night.

Najib said he believed that democratic space must be allowed in the country but there must be a limit for that and the process must be in a healthy way and should not lead to conflicts.

CPHM is a grassroots movement initiated by a group of concerned Christian leaders to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance between the citizens of Malaysia who come from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds through fostering peace and harmony in the country.

The Prime Minister said even though Malaysia is peaceful country, the ‘temperature’ sometimes could rise very fast.

“That’s why I will not allow racial conflicts to occur in this country and I believe there are solutions to any problem. It may not be a perfect solution but there are solutions,” he said.

Najib said sometimes problems should not be resolved via the legal process but through discussions with an open heart to find a solution.

He said Malaysia not only wanted to build a fully developed country but also a society that showed mutual respect for each other with “a strong bone of humanity.”

“That’s why whether we are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim, we must work together for a greater Malaysia,” he added.

Meanwhile, CPHM chairman Wong Kim Kong said the vision of CPHM was beyond religion and there was no religious agenda in its mission.

“And we speak the message of peace and will endeavour to encourage the whole citizenry to embrace the call for the promotion of peace and harmony amongst all people in this country,” he said.

Wong said the event was the first of the many events planned by CPHM to be held nationwide as part of the efforts to promote peace and harmony in the nation amongst all ethnic and religious groups.

“We are thankful and glad the Prime Minister has taken a keen interest to support our initiatives and message by attending and officiating our first National Peace and Harmony Banquet,” he said.


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