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Good Cop Catches National Attention From Appreciative FB Post

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How many times have you been struck by a pang of frustration when you’re left stranded by the expressway with a problematic car, anxiously waiting for a kind passer-by to take pity and offer assistance, only to realize that nobody is going to help you change that flat tyre?

Now, you can restore your faith in humanity with this heart-warming tale of….an officer and a gentleman.

Jay Sheelan shared his account on a kind-hearted policeman who helped his wife change her punctured tyre on his Facebook.

The grateful man wrote: “Before I could get there, this traffic police officer was there helping my wife change the punctured tyre. I assisted him instead of he assisting me.”

To that, the grateful husband offered some cash to the Good Samaritan as a token of appreciation, but the cop turned it down.

Instead, he told Jay to do good things to other people in need that day:

“After it was done, I offered him money for his help but he refused to take. He told me….I have helped you today….now its your turn to help someone today.”



“And to this person…I salute you…and I hope there would more like him…..thank you very much Mr Shamizon( not sure if i got his name correct)…cheers to the traffic police dept for having such officer and it was an honour that I met him.”

Aww, doesn’t that warm the heart? It’s definitely better than the racism-tinged newspaper headlines that plagues the country today.

Jay’s gesture of gratitude has gone viral since yesterday, with over 470 shares. And you too, can spread good things today by sharing this on your website, thanks.MYNEWSHUB


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