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#Glitterhair Trend Is Making Waves Among Fashionable Women Right Now

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Once, there was a trend called glitter hair. As reported by the Daily Mail, the glitter hair trend began when women grew tired of touching up their non-dyed hair roots and instead used hair gel and sprinkled glitter on them to create a cool new hair look.

Certain photos show the glitter hair trend featuring glitter heavily sprinkled at the roots of the hairstyles, while others show the glitter splattered all over, as the hair is designed in braids or swept up in a bun.

The variety of photos displayed the variety of means that beauty fiends are using to deposit the glitter to their hair and scalps. Some even use glitter hair extension strands to deposit a lot of sparkle in their hair without having to alter their real hair.

Glitter-Roots-Hair-Trend (1)


Glitter-Roots-Hair-Trend (2)

Glitter-Roots-Hair-Trend (3)

However, not only is glitter hair still getting buzz on Instagram, with hashtags like #glitterroots commanding nearly 1,000 posts — and #glitterhair with nearly 3,000 posts — glitter lips are getting buzz as well.

While this would definitely be a fun trend to try for the holidays, we’re not convinced it’s something worth rocking on the regular. Those familiar with glitter cleanup know what a struggle it can be. Adding it into your strands will result in you finding little flecks of bling on your pillowcase for days, because multiple shampoo sessions probably won’t get it all out.

But if that’s not holding you back, read on for more glitter roots inspiration. It looks especially adorable when paired with a funky hairstyle, like twin buns or pigtails.


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