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#GlitterBeard: The (Possible) New Male Beard Trend

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Want to add an extra jollification to your Christmas celebrations?

Well, how about we suggest a beard full of glitter as the ultimate festive statement?

Men (and even some women) are getting into the Yuletide swing of things by decorating their facial hair/chins with a glittery sparkle.

The hilarious trend emerged this week on Instagram, with bearded users taking to the app to share their crafty creations using the hashtag #glitterbeard.

There is one problem: we can’t help thinking how unpractical this look is especially when eating, drinking, or attempting to leave the house without a layer of festive sparkle covering your clothes.




Glitter is the bane of the craft world, creeping into every crevice, still lingering 20 showers later.

After the trends of dandruffy glitter roots and those flower beards that made every guy look like he was about to join a 14-piece indie rock band, this next male hair trend should have been obvious.

That is, if you don’t mind choking on some stray glitter.

But if you’re happy to keep your mouth firmly closed, or don’t mind accidentally ingesting chunks of glitter, it does look kind of epic.





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