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Girl,18, Marries Dog To ‘Ward Off Bad Luck’ From Her Remote Indian Village

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A girl has married a dog to please her family who think in doing so she will rid herself of a curse they believe she carries.

In the barking mad ceremony, 18-year-old Mangli Munda had to walk down the aisle with a stray dog her father found, as her fellow villagers in a remote location of India say this will pass the curse from her to the animal.

She said: “I am not happy with this marriage.”

Her ‘husband’ is a dog named Sheru, and the ceremony was attended by 70 members of the village.

Mangli’s father, Sri Amnunda, was 100% digging the unusual arrangement, as the ritual would ward off bad luck.

The ceremony is part of a ritual in which young women are married to dogs first, and then when they marry a man (as in, a human man) the marriage will be blessed with longevity.However, Mangli was the first ever bride to have done so.

Mangli’s mother, Seema Devi, even bore the wedding costs.

“That is the only way we can get rid of her bad luck and ensure the benevolence of the village,” she said.

Everything was carried out in proper form for a formal Hindu wedding, with Sheru sitting patiently at the side of his new bride throughout, although it was not legally binding, allowing Mangli to now find a suitable partner.

“Of course I would love to marry the man of my dreams, just like every other girl.”MYNEWSHUB


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