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Girl,16,Killed Parents And Splashed Acid On Their Decomposed Bodies

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INDIA: On being advised to concentrate on studies and stay away from her boyfriend, a 16-year-old girl from Vadodara,killed her adopted parents.

On Oct. 17, police arrested the girl (whose name cannot be revealed due to India’s juvenile law) with her 22-year-old boyfriend, Sapan Purani, for murdering Shrihari Vinod, 63, and his wife Sneha, 60.

Shockingly, the couple was killed on August 3 and the murder came to light only on the previous night before the love-torn couple’s capture.

In the interrogation, the girl admitted to mix sedatives in her parents’ food, before smothering and stabbing them to their untimely demise.

After carrying out the heinous crime, the lovers went on to embark on a fresh start. Or so they thought.




The smell of decomposing flesh did not sit well with the Indian summer, and the stench soon permeated and overpowered the walls of the small room.

The girl then poured acid and a deliberate amount of pesticide on her parents’ corpses in attempt to mask the smell, but the six-week secret was about to unveil itself when the police turned up on their doorstep after receiving a missing persons complaint from relatives of the deceased couple.

The teenager, who was a Class X students in a school in Manjalpur, confessed to killing her parents as they used to force her to study and beat her often. Also, the interrogation revealed that her parents were against the girl’s relationship with her boyfriend, which resulted in frequent fights between them.

“They used to beat me up regularly and also forced me to study against my wish. So my boyfriend and I killed them,” the girl said.MYNEWSHUB


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