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Get Britney Spears’ Fit Physique With These 4 Moves

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Britney has been working her butt off (literally) in preparation for her much-anticipated comeback. She’s the first to admit that getting her pre-baby body back hasn’t been easy. Although she says she used to be obsessed with working out, she tells Glamour that going to the gym “isn’t fun…so to do it every day would be horrible. Three days a week is cool, even two. It makes me feel good and feel like I’ve done something.”

The singer can thank a gruelling dance-rehearsal schedule and a personal trainer for her new look, but you don’t need big bucks to steal Britney’s big-time transformation.

1. Move to the Music

To achieve a slim-down like Britney’s, cardio is a must. The singer integrates dance into her fitness routine, and so can you, even if you’re rhythmically challenged. Put some music on an dance like you own the room for the next 30 minutes. If you want a chiselled body, forget the kickboxing classes and all that combative stuff and go for the sense of grace that comes with dancing, because that’s going to give you the pretty body, the non-bulky body.

2. Waist Away

At one point in her career, Britney was doing hundreds of crunches a day to sculpt her stomach. But strengthening your core doesn’t have to be so labour-intensive. To feel confident showcasing your abs the way Britney does, focus on the obliques, which will help whittle your waistline and lessen your love handles. Get down on your knees with your legs together. Put one hand behind your head and let the other dangle at your side. Bend at your side and try to touch your fingertips to the floor with the hand that’s hanging by your side. Then, in one fluid motion, bend to the other side with your elbow leading way. For an extra boost, try switching hands each time you come up and bend.

3. Bolder Shoulders

Whether she’s dancing in a music video or posing in a strapless dress at the VMAs, Britney is always showing off her shoulders. Do side laterals to sculpt your own deltoids. Holding a three- to five-pound weight in each hand, stand with your feet together, knees slightly bent. Open your arms out to a T, no higher than shoulder level, with your palms facing down. Bring the arms back down to your sides and repeat.

4. Sexy Back

Britney’s ex Justin Timberlake may know a thing or two about bringing sexy back, but it’s Britney’s bare back we envy. Here’s how to get her look: Sit in a chair, and with light weights (they can be one to three pounds—five if you’re really advanced) bend over so that your chest is in your lap. While holding a weight in each hand, let your hands dangle behind your legs—almost behind your knees. Then, keeping the body down, bring both arms out to the side, like you’re forming a T, and bring them back down. Think of it as a reverse fly.-GLAMOUR


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