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Fynn Jamal Speaks Out About The Challenges Of Raising An Autistic Child

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It’s not easy to raise an autistic child, but for Fynn Jamal, she sees her child as a priceless gift from God.

The poet and singer, famed for being an inspirational social media figure, says that although her career is at its high peak, there is one role that she absolutely relishes above her other successes: being a mother.

“I put myself as being a mother first, then an educator; on top of others,” she says.

Admitting that she feels gutted upon reading reports on baby-dumping, Fynn says her life is now dedicated to well-being of her adopted son,Arjuna 0r Juna,3, which she raised with her husband, Tri Hadzir.

As like other parents of autistic children, Fynn struggles to read the signs her son gives,as he has difficulty in expressing himself.

“For instance, he would drag my hand or my husband’s to his baby bag and point at it. That gesture means that he wants his milk.”

Though Fynn and her husband initially had a tough time interpreting Juna’s mode of communication, she says they have a lot of fun with it.

“It’s like we’re playing charades. It’s interesting how this little person tries to ‘talk’ to us without uttering a single word, and my husband and I thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever.”

Clearly, Juna is the apple of Fynn and Tri’s eyes. His presence dominates their Instagram accounts, and they put a lot of pride in raising this special child.

So extraordinary, that Fynn dedicates her song ‘Arjuna Beta’ (My Arjuna) to the adorable toddler.

In an emotion-packed performance during last weekend’s Muzik-Muzik 29 semi-finals, Fynn sang about her love and devotion towards the boy–whom she takes care of as her own since the day he was born– moving the crowd to tears.

Meanwhile, Fynn revealed a happy news: Juna has now enrolled in a special school for children of autism, which will help Juna to learn and have fun at the same time.

Many children with autism are good at drawing, art and computer programming. Though it’s too early to determine what the child’s talent might be, but with parents like Fynn and Tri, Juna’s future is looking bright.MYNEWSHUB



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