Fuel Subsidy Channeled To People In Other Forms Of Assistance

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ALOR SETAR – The provision of fuel subsidy practised earlier is no longer suitable and the subsidy is channeled to the people in the other forms of assistance which are more targeted, says Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Othman Aziz.

He said the approach of giving fuel subsidy practised earlier was the old method and taking cognizance of the matter, the government has replaced it with subsidies in other forms.

“The petrol subsidy has been redistributed to the people in other forms of subsidies. Subsidy is not only for petrol and gas but it involved other forms of assistance given to fishermen, smallholders and padi farmers.

“The government is shifting in stages into giving cash aid directly such as the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) and maybe after this we will raise the amount of BR1M if necessary,” he told reporters after the 2017 Muda Farmers and Agropreneurs National Transformation Programme here today.

Othman was commenting on opposition allegations that the government was still able to retain fuel subsidy if the government’s financial management was prudently implemented.

He said it was hoped the other forms of subsidies would help lighten the burden of the people especially the target groups following the rising cost of living. – BERNAMA