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Fuel Hike: Malaysian Celebrities Express Their Frustrations On Twitter

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The prices of petrol and diesel in Malaysia rose at the start of Thursday (Oct 2), as part of the government’s plan to reduce the current fuel subsidy by 20 sen.

The Star Online said that from 12.01am on Thursday, RON95 petrol will cost RM2.30 per litre, while diesel will cost RM2.20 per litre, up from RM2.58 and RM2.52, respectively.

Understandably, the news got a cold reception from the general public, backed by some of our local celebrities who also take to Twitter to express their displeasure.and annoyance. Some are not happy with the government decision to reduce the fuel subsidies while several people analyzing its impact on consumers.



“The usual fill-up was RM70…now that the government has upped fuel prices to 20 sen it means I have to pay RM70.20…20 sen surely worth something, doesn’t it? *scouring the piggy bank*”, tweeted the clearly-confused singer Farawahida.

Actress and spokesmodel Diana Danielle posted,”Time to get an electric car.”

Comedic actor Tauke Jambu wrote through Twitter,”When fuel prices goes up, it will affect the prices of other goods as well. When that happens, the cost of living will increase too.  No choice but to limit the use of transportation then.”

Clearly rakyat of all income groups were affected by the hike, thus stressing the government understood the impact of the subsidy rationalisation policy to the economy and the people.

In this respect, the government would continue to provide numerous aid and incentives to ease the burden especially among the low and middle income groups.MYNEWSHUB/Text; SARA KHALID

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