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Friend Wants Kiera-Caprice Public Feud To End

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THE public spat between hip-hop artiste Caprice and Clever Girl’s former contestant Kiera is still going strong and show no sign of dying down as both of their followers weigh in on the issue. 

From our perspective, it looks like their ongoing argument via social media is fired by the people around them; each of them sending ‘receipts’ from the other’s social media to ignite more tension between the two.

Today, Mynewshub has received an e-mail from the sender who claims to be a friend of Kiera’s.

In the email, the man– who requested for his name not to be mentioned– defines an article dated October 15, 2017 (Sunday) published in the Entertainment section of our Malay-language site as being ‘biased’ and only in favour of Caprice.

Perhaps the sender did not understand we were merely reporting what was exaggerated by both Kiera and Caprice in their social media.

In the said, e-mail the friend suggested that Mynewshub will publish an article that tells the story on Kiera’s side rather than ‘championing’ Caprice, which we certainly did not.

The e-mail reads:


Hi, I read the story that u wrote about Syakirah in your website. All I can say is that, it’s one-sided story. I have been knowing her since university days back in the UK. She’s not like the person as you portrayed in your article. From my understanding she never touched any particular word about Caprice’s businesses is From what I understood here is that, Caprice has been provoking her with harassing words and what she did was just protecting herself. What she meant in her poem to Caprice from my understanding, she was just asking Caprice to stop using other people’s pictures and videos in his videos. And since he’s a public figure, it’s not good for kids to follow his footsteps in saying bad words. He even called syakirah as otak dekat lutut & dumbass publicly. So of course Syakirah wants to defend herself.

Also what Syakirah meant was, what Caprice does for his business is noble, but he must show real attitude as a Muslim who doesn’t discuss other people’s aib in public even though by saying it’s an advice. Advising someone in public is also membuka aib (publicly shame). I hope that you may avoid to mention my name in your write up. I strongly believe Syakirah’s statement deserved to be published in your website too to let the public read the story from her side too. I attached all Syakirah’s statements here in this email which I screenshot from her Instagram. There are 17 pages. Please publish all pages hence public can get clear understanding from both sides.

Thank you.


The sender also requests for Mynewshub to publish all 17 screenshots of Kiera’s public statement on the issue, which were all taken from her Instagram account.

However, we will only publish a few here, because 17 is just a tad excessive.

The feud wouldn’t escalate to such heights (up to the point when a polis report against Caprice was made and he had to go all the way to Shah Alam to give his statement) if there was no involvement from both of their “cheerleaders”. Seriously, you guys need to chill.

Let Caprice and Kiera settle their differences dan work on patching up their strained relationship.-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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