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Former Kindergarten Teacher Quits Job To Twerk On Camera Full-Time

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Jessica Vanessa was a former assistant kindergarten teacher from Florida.

However, because her profession made it difficult for her to make ends meet, she decided to quit her job and post Vine videos of her…….twerking.

Yup, the 22-year-old makes so much money from twerking that she can now make a living off it and live a comfortable life.

Though she won’t reveal specifically what she earns, she said it’s in the six figures and was enough to buy a new car, pay it off in full, and pay off all of her student loans.

The money comes from advertisers paying her to mention their products in some of her videos.

“Either I make money on the internet, I make money doing these videos, or I’m going to be broke and jobless,” she said.

She doesn’t say exactly how much she earns but it’s over US$100,000 (about RM320,000) a year, which is tons more than what she earned as a kindergarten assistant.

The voluptuous booty shaker says that her family is “A 100% supportive” on her choice of a career move, and even had her older brother record her twerking videos for her.

Though at first her dad struggled with her career, now he says, “I even joked around one time telling her that I want to do one with her.”

Vanessa says about her family, “They’re very open-minded people — they don’t look at it in any type of sexual way, they don’t look at it as degrading, they’re very supporting.”MYNEWSHUB/Text: Sara Khalid




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