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Foreign Workers Band To Help Car Stranded On Staircase

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SINGAPORE – Garett Lim was jogging past Waterway Point in Punggol on Thursday evening when he heard a loud crash.

The 38-year-old told The Straits Times that he saw a car making a wrong turn, ending up with the front of the vehicle on a flight of steps at the mall around 6.40pm.

He said he started taking pictures, along with a few other people.

“Three foreign workers walked by and they also took out their phones,” he said. “I thought they were also taking photos but they were calling their friends to help.”

More than 10 foreign workers turned up and helped to shove the car back up the stairs, onto the road.

Lim, who is self-employed and acts part-time, said he was surprised and heartened by their kind actions.

He shared a video and photos of the incident on Facebook, saying that “these are the very people who helped construct our skylines but yet are being unappreciated by some in our society”.

Lim’s post has garnered more than 900 likes and 700 shares since he shared it at 7.03pm.

He said when the incident occurred, nobody went forward to help the driver except the security guard, who went to see what happened.

“I think he made a few phone calls to the towing company, but the three foreign workers tried to push the car, but couldn’t,” he said.

They succeeded only when more of their friends arrived around 7pm to help.

Lim said the incident was very heartwarming and made him think about why foreigners would band to help without asking for anything in return.

“I think Singaporeans should appreciate the fact that they are the ones who help us out in building the (country),” he said.

He added that he posted the story on Facebook partly as a form of appreciation to them.

“They are not being paid by anyone. Collectively they came over – after a hard day of work, they could have been ‘bochap’ like me, but they came over and lent a helping hand without asking for anything in return,” he said.

After the driver was rescued, he drove away, and the workers left with smiles on their faces, but Lim said he did not know whether the driver thanked them or not.

Facebook users praised the workers as well, with Benson Teo saying they are “just amazing people”, and another adding that the driver should “at least buy dinner for those who (helped)”.

ST has contacted Waterway Point for more information. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network



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