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Football Games in Mexico Maybe Cancelled If ‘Puto’ Chant Continue

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MEXICO CITY – FIFA officials are fed up with hearing Mexican fans chant “puto” at certain players. Now, the international soccer organisation is threatening to disrupt and, if need be, discontinue soccer games altogether when the chant is heard and can’t be stopped.

The offensive, homophobic chant has resulted in the Mexican soccer federation being fined eight times by FIFA to no avail. The economic punishment has done little to nothing in deterring fans chanting the term during games.

Remezcla reported that just this week, chants of “puto” were clearly audible during a World Cup Qualifier game between Mexico and the U.S. in Azteca Stadium.

The International Federation of Football Associations’ new plan is more drastic, more disruptive to Mexico’s sports fan base.

Now, once the chant starts echoing, a public service announcement will be played over stadium loudspeakers. Fans will be told to stop what they’re doing. Cognizant that such tactics may do more to further rile them up than calm the situation, the second step will be for referees to halt the game until the chants subside.

If the chants continue through steps one and two, step three will be implemented. This is where the referee blows his whistle one final time to cancel the game altogether.

The measure aims to put a damper on the whole sporting atmosphere as opposed to simply applying a fine that hasn’t worked in the past.–BERNAMA-NNN-TELESUR


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