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Football Diplomacy In Argentina-Malaysia Ties

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KUALA LUMPUR – One of the world’s greatest footballing nations, Argentina, may
soon be coaching young Malaysian players the various dynamics of becoming
successful players and team, said Argentina’s ambassador to Malaysia
Manuel Balaguer Salas.

Salas, who began his tour of duty in this country three months ago, said
that was one of his goals to further strengthen bilateral ties between the two
countries as they celebrate their 50th anniversary of relations next year.

“Football is very popular in Malaysia, just as passionate as the
Argentinians, I am planning to send some players form here or vice versa, to
put them into training programs, in order to further expose and develop them at
an international level.

“Not only is this limited to the players, but also to the coaches and staff
members of the team as well,” he said in an interview with Bernama.

On the economic front, Salas said Buenos Aires wanted to further develop
economic ties with Kuala Lumpur including in the halal food sector.

Salas was working closely with JAKIM and Halal Development Centre (HDC) in
order to allow the re-importation of its world-renowned beef back to Malaysia as
it has been off Malaysian shelves since five years ago.

“Due to halal regulations which we highly respect, I want to bring
back our beef and poultry to Malaysia, the abattoirs or slaughterhouses
require it to be processed in a 100% halal environment.

“One way to tackle this is to set up abattoirs that cater to the halal
industry, and Malaysians can invest and set up abattoirs in Argentina itself
so they can cater to the needs of the markets here,” Salas said.

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