Five Srikandi Parti Pribumi Leaders Announce Resignation

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ALOR SETAR – Five Srikandi (women’s wing) Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) leaders from three divisions in Kedah, including an exco member of Srikandi Malaysia today announced their resignation from the party, with immediate effect.

They said they had lost faith in the PPBM leadership which ignored the views of those at the grassroots level, adding they would relinquish all posts which they currently held.

The five included the exco member and Kuala Kedah Srikandi head, Zuraini Kamal, and two Kedah PPBM committee members, Halimaton Saadiah Shah Mat (who is also head of Pendang PPBM), and Rukiza Abu Bakar who is head of Pokok Sena PPBM.

The rest were Kuala Kedah PPBM committee members Sopi Aziz and Fatimah Ahmad.

At a press conference to announce their resignations from the party, Zuraini who represented the group claimed there were too many issues and polemics in the party which was neither well managed nor resolved by the party leadership.

“This is not an easy decision. We will definitely be labelled traitors, that we have accepted bribes, are frustrated and (called) many other names. But our principle is simple…speak the truth, even if it is bitter. Be brave and have dignity.

“PPBM may just be a year old but the top leaders are among those who are very experienced and knowledgeable, and PPBM’s age as a party should not be an excuse,” she said.

Zuraini also claimed many individuals in PPBM were discarded or removed without being given a chance to defend themselves.

She said members were not allowed to comment and give their views after a reshuffle of party officials.

“The reshuffle of posts had resulted in two people being appointed to the same position. This should not have happened as it will disrupt harmony at the division level. There has never been a division where there are two Srikandi leaders and both attended the same meetings.”