First Group Of Malaysian Pilgrims To Leave Madinah For Makkah Today

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MAKKAH – The first group of Malaysian haj pilgrims, totalling 413 people, who arrived in Madinah last Aug 27 will leave for Makkah by bus today (Thursday).

They will leave Madinah after Zuhur prayer and expected to arrive in Makkah about 7 pm local time Thursday (midnight Malaysian time).

During the journey, covering 447 kilometres, they will stop at the Bir Ali Mosque (pic) , about seven kilometres from Madinah, to make preparations for the “ihram”.

In Makkah, the Malaysian pilgrims would be accommodated at Abraj Al Janadiriyyah, in Shuib Amir, about 800 metres from the Grand Mosque.

Tabung Haji has set up nine ‘maktab’ to accommodate Malaysians performing the Haj pilgrimage this year, totalling 22,320 people.

So far, 6,250 pilgrims have arrived in Madinah. – Bernama