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Feeling Puffy? Reduce Facial Bloating With This Massage Trick

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Although it may not seem like it, celebs deal with water retention just like you—as well as the unfortunate face swelling that goes along with it. But they know something that you don’t: A simple face massage can help minimize the damage (Claire Danes reportedly does them before big events to get her mug picture-perfect fast).

No cash to shell out on a professional face rub? No problem. Just use these tips to DIY:

Cleanse First
Massaging your face with the oils, dirt, and chemicals that can be sitting on the skin can increase bacterial levels in your pores. Instead, make sure you wash your hands with antibacterial soap to ensure optimal cleanliness, then wash your face with your normal cleanser.

Swipe Upwards with Varying Pressure
There are two main tricks to de-puffing via massage: First, move your fingers in upward motions (to prevent sagging or wrinkles), using lighter pressure around the eye area and heavier pressure on less sensitive areas, like the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Second, while you don’t have to use a product, using a moisturizer or oil can make your skin look more radiant—and make the massage extra relaxing. Use one packed with active ingredients like amino acids or plant extracts, which help the product penetrate deeper into your skin’s layers.

Pay Special Attention to Your Under-Eye Area
Give this delicate area the TLC it deserves: Around your eye area, you should always use your ring finger—you do not want tot much pressure. The best trick for massaging this area? Go in circular motions around the eye to soothe soreness and de-puff those bags.

Take Your Time
For best results, consider massaging your face for five minutes twice a day. If you’d rather do longer massages less often, try 30-minute DIY treatments twice a week.

Use Tools to Up Your Game
Using a tool like the Germanium Handheld Face Roller (RM360) can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your facial massage. You can freeze it, and when it is time to use it, you can roll it on your face. The frozen ice roller is what calms any inflammation down that is occurring in your skin, and it is great for de-puffing as well.MYNEWSHUB


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