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Fazura Loses 200k Instagram Followers After “KimK” Snafu

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…And that “k” in “200k” refers to the numerical value of a thousand, okay.

Following here recent snafu for mistakenly assumed a fan’s admiration as a diss, Fazura has received a lot of flak lately on her personal Instagram account.

After the actress publicly lashed out on a fan for mistakenly took the”KimK” (Kim Kardashian) comment as a curse word in Malay, Fazura has lost a lot of her followers on Instagram. Sing that to the tune of 200,000.

Formerly, the Gol Dan Gincu actress had 1.8 million followers but after the hillarious incident, the numbers are reduced to just 1.6 million. Still not bad, eh?

Meanwhile, the fan who was publicly shamed by the actress has already garnered 32,000 followers herself!

The woman, who is known as her Instagram username @vii.narza, suddenly became famous overnight for leaving that legendary comment on her favourite actress’ photo.

So famous, that she now reviews online shops for a fee. That is the truest evident of the power and infinite possibilities of social media.

Back to Fazura, one would immediately admit one’s fault and quickly apologize, but that is not the case with Fazura.

Instead of offering an apology, she posted a lengthy justification on her Instagram account clarifying that certain short forms or words used in social media instead, especially those that could be mistaken for curse words, could easily be misconstrued.

“Of late, a lot of people are using short forms and words with double meanings. Was it necessary to use such words, phrase or slangs that contain double meanings? That will hurt other people?”, the post said, along with a collage of pictures of Fazura and her friends, which received over 4,300 likes and shares.



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