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Fasha Sandha–Jejai’s Marriage On The Rocks, And Sis-In-Law Is To Blame?

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Rumours that the marriage of actress Fasha Sandha and her husband, wealthy businessman Rizal Ashram Ramli (Jejai) is on a turbulence hit the gossip sites all across the country.

The couple, who tied the knot on Apr.29 2012, are said to have a major altercation following the much-unnecessary involvement of Jejai’s sister Putri Azalea in their series of disputes.

It was rumoured that Azalea and her twin Putri Yasmin, have an obvious preference for Jejai’s ex-wife, actress Nora Danish and willing to dodge a bullet for her even though they are no longer family-related.

Jejai was married to Nora in 2006 and divorced two years later. The former husband and wife share a seven-year-old boy together named Rayqal.

Nora and her former in-laws kept a close relationship that extended long after her marriage ended and event went on trips abroad with them, which got the rumour mill churning that the family prefers the “Puteri” actress to Fasha.

To further add fuel to the fire, Jejai’s mother YM Raja Puan Sri Noora was not present on their wedding day while his sisters continue to post pictures with his former spouse on social media, with no sign of Fasha in them.

The final straw broke when fans of Nora bickered on Fasha’s personal Instagram account. calling her a “husband stealer”.

The situation is no stranger to Fasha, as she had been warding off her online predators since her relationship with the freshly-divorced Jejai went public in 2008 over the same allegation.

To make matters worse, Jejai’s sister Azalea strikes again by posting a throwback picture with Nora on Instagram.

Infuriated by Azalea’s damaging action, Fasha left a lengthy comment on the post demanding respect while clarifying what had really happened behind closed doors.

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(Translation: “I have been patient for far too long. I am accepting all of this with total sincerity. The more I was patient, the more you are badmouthing me on Instagram, and for what? To Nora, thank you very much for making my relationship with my in-laws more complicated as it is. You are being consistent in making sure I am being despised.

For your information Azalea, before I got married to your brother, I tried to escape his grasp because I could not deal with his ex-wife issues but he kept falling back on me. Finally we got married, and that is the work of God. I can unravel each and every single thing that had happened but I don’t think I need to do it here.

My patience has its limit. Until you shamed me on your page, Thank you very much. It’s okay, I’ll BACK OFF. You and (his) ex-wife has succeeded in contributing to our marital dispute. But because I have a sound mind so I will be the one who backs down and surrender. Remember, you started this first.

I had never told one single soul on what happened in my husband’s family behind closed doors. May God grant you happiness on Earth and Hereafter to you, Azalea. Thank you. Salam.”)

Meanwhile, Fasha released a statement that she is not ready to reveal the state of her marriage to the public yet.


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