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Fans React To Nora Danish And Qi Razali’s Selfie

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The two was rumoured to hook up last year, so naturally fans went wild when Nora Danish and Qi Razali posted a selfie of them together during a break from shooting their latest movie, Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit.

Though they did worked together in Bencinta, but this time Nora and Qi played the main roles of husband and wife  and it was heard through the grapevines that their on-screen chemistry was undeniable.

While the selfie did garnered more than 26,000 ‘likes’ so far, comments from netizens have not been kind.

One user questioned whether the cute snap brought the green-eyed monster in Qi’s gal-pal, teen actress Nelydia Senrose, while another stated that Nora looked better with her beau, Nedim Nazri, than Qi.

This could be a jab that stemmed from Nora’s controversial picture with Farid Kamil that sparked the jealous tension of Farid’s wife, fellow actor Diana Danielle.

During the premiere of Pengantin Malam, Nora was snapped holding hands with her handsome co-star, which soon blown out of proportion when Diana posted a jealous-tinged text post on her Instagram account that read: “Must you touch one’s husband to promote your film?”

Ouch.Please apply cold water to burned area.

However, there was no social media anger-venting situation from both of the stars’ respective partners as of yet, so we reckon everything is peachy at their ends.MYNEWSHUB



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