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Fans Go Berserk Over Sharnaaz Ahmad’s Alleged Beer-Shopping In Japan

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Earlier today, a picture of Sharnaaz Ahmad shopping in a Japanese grocery store surfaced the Internet. While the photo seemed harmless, but wait until you zoom in a little.

On closer inspection, in his trolley was a six-pack of Asahi beer visible, nestled along with the other groceries.

Asahi is a popular alcoholic beverage brewed in Japan.




Unsurprisingly, fans went mental over the actor’s assumed SNAFU, with many questioning whether the beers were indeed his, or the trolley belonged to another shopper who was not present in the photo.

Sharnaaz is currently in Okinawa filming his hit TV series Suamiku Encik Sotong, which he stars alongside Aamyra Rosli and Hanis Zalikha.

The ‘Asahi-gate’ have not been addressed yet by the actor as he is still busy with his packed shooting schedule, so maybe we just have to wait for him to return to KL to get a proper clarification on the unfortunate product placement.MYNEWSHUB





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