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FAMA Helps Transforming Small Sundry Shop Into ABR1M

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TAWAU – The Agrobazaar Rakyat 1Malaysia (ABR1M) programme introduced by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) has successfully transformed rural retail entrepreneurs whose profits have doubled.

It was acknowledged by ABR1M entrepreneurs here who are also a married couple, Hasbin Mahmud, 41, and Nuraisya Firman, 26, who started with a small sundry shop in Kampung Apas before FAMA offered them the opportunity to join the ABR1M and then carried out renovation to the shop.

“Thanks to the government and FAMA for helping us to develop our business, as prior to joining ABR1M our sales amounted to about RM30,000 but ‘Alhamdulillah’ (praise to God), the figure now reaches RM60,000 a month,” said Hasbin who has been involved with ABR1M in the past two years after receiving an allocation of RM68,000 from FAMA.

He said the government through FAMA continued to provide support and guidance for his business to grow over time.

“We sell fresh as well as frozen products and other goods at reasonable prices and there are 10 suppliers including farmers and fishermen selected by the FAMA to send supplies to our store,” said Hasbin adding that his shop opened from 6.30am to 8pm.

ABR1M Apas Tawau was the first opened in Sabah and one of seven ABR1M outlets established in the state.

Meanwhile, FAMA Sabah director Ribin Wahid told Bernama the sales value of seven ABR1M outlets in Sabah reached RM4,054,215.20 for the period January to December last year.

“FAMA targets the opening of at least another ABR1M outlet in Sabah this year,” he said.

He said ABR1M was an alternative outlet for consumers to get quality agro-food products at reasonable prices particularly fresh agricultural products, thus its existence could reduce the middle men role in the agricultural product marketing chain.

In the meantime, Ribin said the government continuously strived to provide the platform for people to get selected daily necessities at lower than market prices, and the moves included the introduction of the Jimat Belanja Dapur (JBD) programme at 29 locations throughout the state. – BERNAMA



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