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Extremism Can Bring National Unity And Security To Its Knees

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Extremism is not only a threat to national security and unity, it can also destroy Malaysian society, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup.

“Extremism and intolerance, if not controlled, can cripple our vision to build a fair and balanced community.

“And building a fair and balanced society where people of various beliefs live together in harmony and peace will be an impossible dream to achieve,’’ he said.

Kurup, who spoke at a World Interfaith Harmony Week event organised by the National Unity and Integration Department on Thursday, said in it was necessary for the “silent majority”, who believe in moderation, to come forward and stand-up.

“They must be brave and come forward to oppose extremist groups before these groups find comfort zones to flourish in our beloved country,’’ he added.

He cited several incidents where Malaysians had banded together regardless of race and religion to bring comfort to those in need.

Kurup noted that this was the case happened during the recent floods in several east coast states.

“The same was seen in the MH370 and MH17 incidents where people of various religions came together in sorrow, and collectively paid respects to the deceased victims in accordance with their respective beliefs,’’ he said.

He added that “Belief in God”, which is the first pillar of the Rukunegara, will help Malaysians respect each other, as well as live as a community in peace and harmony.

The minister visited a mosque, a church, and a Hindu and Kuan Yin temple as well as a Bahai centre during the event.-The Star


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