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Ex-Boyfriend Slams Dyana-Zairil Intimate Photo Denial

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It seems Zairil and Dyana’s denial on the controversial photos may add more insult to injury, when an alleged ex-boyfriend of the Teluk Intan by-election hopeful bashed the duo over their ‘bogus claims’.

According a Facebook post by Fairuz Azhan, Zairil’s careless mishap had costed the pair greatly and now, they had to pay for it.

“Hacked? For only 5 minutes before he removed (the pictures)?

He then further berated the Bukit Bendera MP, sarcastically asking the public to do their own math on the situation.

“In the same post, Zairil tagged the username Dyana So, which is Dyana’s private account.

“The post was uploaded on 6.50 a.m., but was quickly deleted on 6.55 a.m. when he realized his mistake.”



The clearly scorned ex-lover also offered his perspective on the obvious, stating that the photos and videos were not Photoshopped and were in fact, genuine.

The photos which were widely circulated on social media since yesterday, showed an intimate scene between two people resembling Zairil and Dyana.

Angered by the malicious gossip, the Opposition party darlings considered to file a lawsuit against the culprits who stirred up the scandal.

Zairil and Dyana had both condemned the move as ‘gutter politics’.


Ever the mummy’s girl, Dyana got her mother’s back when Yammy Samat confirmed to the press that her daughter and Zairil were never romantically linked.

To this, Fairuz quick to dispute the pair’s protests: “Why does it seem illogical for them to initiate an affair?”

“All this while, I have been courteous enough to not let the cat out of the bag and be a gentleman, but since the truth is finally out there…barakallah (God’s blessing be upon you).”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Dyana’s ‘doctored’ pictures were used against her.

During the Teluk Intan polls earlier this year, posters bearing the image of Dyana Sofya, who was DAP’s candidate, alongside a bikini-clad actress – with whom she shares a striking facial resemblance – were distributed at predominantly Malay residential areas in Changkat Jong. MYNEWSHUB






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