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Former Beauty Queen Erra Fazira Latest Celebrity To Don The Hijab

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While female celebrities who take a style transformation by donning the hijab becomes a cause celebre even in a predominantly Muslim country like Malaysia, more and more famous personalities have decided to permanently wear the head scarf

After a legion of celebrities joining the hijab club such as Neelofa (which inspired her hugely successful Naelofar Hijab line), Izreen Azminda, Ziana Zain and Elfira Loy, now it’s local screen queen Erra Fazira’s turn to dress modestly in compliance with the syaria’.

Talking to MStar Online recently, Erra said she has started wearing the hijab since the Nisfu Syaaban, which is one of the holiest dates in the Muslim calendar.

“Alhamdulillah, God has opened my heart (to cover my hair). Honestly, I have been longing to make the transition for a while, but the ‘call’ was more abundantly clear as Nisfu Syaaban rolled around.


“That’s when I had certainly no doubts any more, and decided to wear the headscarf for good,” she said.

Meanwhile, Erra urged netizens and the public to stop criticizing every little mishaps that are bound to come through in her personal ‘hegira’ process. However, Erra said, she welcomes constructive criticisms with opened arms to those who offer them.

“As Muslims we are encouraged to be each other’s support system. I believe change should be made in stages and for the long haul.

“Though there’s nothing wrong with offering advice regarding religious matters, but it should be done accordingly or in a respectful way. So don’t judge me too harshly, I am learning towards becoming a better Muslim.”

For Erra, she believes that true will to change stems from the heart and not through the exterior alone.

“When you want to become better because of God, that inner beauty will shine through you and that will always look lovely,” she added, closing the interview.-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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