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Enthronment Bath Ceremony For Royal Couple

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KUALA KANGSAR – The Enthronement Bath ceremony for the royal couple, Sultan Nazrin Shah and Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Zara Salim tonight reflects the continuity of the unique tradition and the wealth of the Malay Sultanate customs in conjunction with the enthronement of the Sultan of Perak XXXV.

Perak Dewan Negara secretary Toh Amar Seri Diraja Datuk Ayob Hashim said the ceremony would be initiated by Raja Chik Muda Pawang Diraja Raja Rosli Raja Mohamad after the conclusion of the Tabal Pusaka ceremony.

Raja Rosli and Toh Seri Nara Diraja Mohd Shah Nong Chik, or Toh Nara, were the individuals responsible for preparing the tools for the Enthronement Bath ceremony or the ‘Bersiram Tabal’.

He said Sultan Nazrin Shah and Tuanku Zara would sit on the Panca Persada (Royal Dais) which is 11 storey high constructed especially for the Enthronement Bath ceremony at the grounds of Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan.

Also accompanying the royal couple to the Enthronement Bath ceremony would be Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Bainun, Raja Muda Perak Raja Jaafar Raja Muda Musa and Raja Puan Besar Perak Raja Nor Mahani Raja Shahar Shah, Raja Di-Hilir Perak Raja Iskandar Dzulkarnain Sultan Idris and Raja Puan Muda Perak Tunku Soraya Sultan Abdul Halim.

“A piece of white cloth will be laid out and held by the four female members of the royal family at each corner of the place where the royal couple would be sitting.

“Tuanku and the Permaisuri would sit under the white cloth before the water taken from the seven estuaries of Sungai Perak is poured on the royal couple led by the Pawang Diraja, followed by Toh Nara and Raja Datuk Seri Azureen (elder sister of Sultan Nazrin Shah),” he said.

Ayob said shortly after the Enthronement Bath ceremony, the royal couple would be covered with a yellow blanket made of golden thread before getting down from the Panca Persada to dress up at the Bilik Kesenangan (Convenience Room) and proceeding to the Balairung Seri.

Meanwhile, the head of the Perak Royal Nobat Group, Toh Setia Guna Abdul Aziz Yahya said the nobat would be sounded throughout the Enthronement Bath ceremony.

Earlier in the morning, the ceremony to collect Water for the Enthronement Bath at seven estuaries of the Sungai Perak proceeded in full royal tradition.

The ceremony began with seven military vehicles decorated in yellow cloth bringing the ceremonial tools and the delegation in a procession from Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan accompanied by the beat of the nobat heading to the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council (MPKK) jetty, located at the river bank square, and arriving at 9.30am.

The Delegation Collecting the Water for the Enthronement Bath, headed by Toh Nara, brought the equipment for the ceremony into two boats decorated in yellow cloth.

Besides the Sungai Kangsar, water for the Enthronement Bath is taken from six other estuaries namely Sungai Chempias, Sungai Sayong, Sungai Hitam, Sungai Chermin, Sungai Buaia and Sungai Menora and placed in a container. – BERNAMA

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