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Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Breaks Up….For Good!

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While we hoped Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were simply taking time off from each other to focus on their careers, reports have now surfaced that the pair’s relationship is in fact, kaput.

According to US Weekly, it was Stone’s decision to pull the plug on the relationship after Andrew became too preoccupied with his current film.

“Emma ended things and moved back to LA. It’s finished. It’s not just a break,” a source told the magazine.

Another source claims Garfield has been “in a dark place” for months, getting into his role.

He wasn’t being the best partner,” said the source of Garfield, who has reportedly lost 10kg for his role in the upcoming film ‘Silence’, which began shooting in Taiwan in January..

While Stone is said to understand Andrew’s “work anxieties”, it was previously revealed the pair’s dedication to their respective careers was partly responsible for the problems in their relationship.

“Emma understands his work anxieties – it’s why she originally pulled out of ‘Cabaret’ last year and only did it this year – but they’re taking a break from seeing each other.

“They’re both a slave to their schedules. This time last year they were privately discussing marriage.”

If these two can’t hold a relationship together, then how about the rest of us?-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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