Elderly Man Reports Son Over Threats, Asks To Be Sent To Old Folk’s Home

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SIBU – An elderly father lodged a police report against his son over the latter’s abusive and threatening behaviour towards him.

The 68-year-old man from Lorong Langsat, who arrived in a wheelchair, said he was forced to do so as he feared for his safety after his son threatened to beat him up.

According to him, his 20-something son always pestered him for money and became abusive when he did not accede to his demands.

The man’s wife, who had accompanied him to the police station, had initially tried to stop him from lodging a police report.

When he proceeded to do so, she broke down in tears and refused to speak to him.

Following the lodging of the report, the old man requested police to send him to the old folk’s home here for safety sake. – The Borneo Post