'Ekspresi Negaraku' Mobilised In Putrajaya

‘Ekspresi Negaraku’ Mobilised In Putrajaya

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PUTRAJAYA – “Ekspresi Negaraku” was mobilised today as the first platform to drive the ‘Negaraku’ initiative that promotes patriotism.

People began converging to Dataran Putrajaya here as early as 7 am to participate in the various activities which have been outlined under the “Ekspresi Negaraku” programme to inculcate the spirit of patriotism among Malaysians.

The programme starts with the ‘Larian Bendera Negaraku’ flag run, involving about 5,000 participants.

Prior to that, there was the ‘Senamrobik’ aerobic exercise for participants to warm up.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is scheduled to arrive at Dataran Putrajaya at 11 am to launch the ‘Ekspresi Negaraku’ programme.

Besides the events at the main stage, there is also the ‘Pride and Love’ Zone that will feature the success stories of individuals who had contributed to the country to serve as an inspiration for visitors.

Another is the Aspiration Zone that will provide the opportunity for Malaysians to share their hopes and aspirations for the country’s future.

The ‘Ekspresi Negaraku’ concert will be held at night and will feature renowned artistes such as Amy Search, Ella and Bunkface. – BERNAMA