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EgyptAir Plane Crash: Stewardess Feared Dead Posted Bizarre Image

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A FLIGHT stewardess feared dead after an EgyptAir jet crashed into the Mediterranean posted this bizarre image of a plane crash on her Facebook page.

The image appears to show a female flight attendant emerging from the sea with the wreckage of a plane crash behind her.

It was shared by Samar Ezz Eldin who is thought to have been one of the crew members onboard the doomed airliner.

Experts fear it crashed into the sea while travelling from Paris to Cairo following a terror attack.

The image shows a plane with its nose in the water and an air stewardess walking unfazed from the sea with her luggage.

It was posted by Ezz Eldin on Facebook in September 2014 – two months after flight MH17 was shot down in Ukraine.

All 66 passengers and crew are believed to have died when the EgyptAir plane crashed. There was no distress call before the jet vanished off the radar while flying in clear weather.

A leading aviation expert has raised concerns that the EgyptAir plane could have been downed following an inside job by a member of staff.

Mike Vivian, who is the former head of flight operations for the Civil Aviation Authority, said concerns that somebody on the plane or at the airport helped launch a devastating terror attack was “a major worry”.

His comments come as officials in France focus on whether a possible breach of security happened at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr Vivian was asked if it could be “an inside job”.

He replied: “Well, that is a really interesting question and it is a worry that has been in security minds for a long time now.

“It is a major worry and I do not think it is insignificant that lots of people at Paris Charles de Gaulle lost their airside pass because of radicalisation.

“The question has to be how did they get their in the first place and what sort of screening is going on vis-a-vis these airport employees.”

Mr Vivian said he believe the plane could have been downed because of a hijack situation or a struggle.

He also admitted that despite security around cockpits hardening since 9/11,they are not completely secure.

“I would be dishonest if i said it was 100% secure because it isn’t.”

The attention of security experts is now turning to Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Security at the airport was already under review after ISIS launched its devastating terror attacks last November.

Speaking to the BBC, Eric Moucay, a lawyer, said militants had attempted to recruit airport staff.

“That is clear. There are people who are being radicalised in some of the trade unions etc. The authorities have their work cut out with this problem,” he said.

The missing EgyptAir flight MS804 made two sudden swerves before plunging into the sea.

The Airbus A320 fell 38,000ft out of the sky during its doomed trip from Paris to Cairo after being downed by a suspected terrorist attack , ­aviation experts fear.

British geologist Richard Osman , 40, from Tanerdy, Carmarthenshire – who had just recently had a second child – was believed to be among the dead.

Egyptian officials said Flight MS804 made a sudden swerve to the left then to the right before diving into the sea near the Greek island of Karpathos.

One aviation analysts claimed the sharp movements could indicate there was a struggle in the cockpit before the pilot lost control at 12.30am yesterday.

But others feared the jet could have been brought down by a timer bomb planted before it arrived in Paris – similar to the one the blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie in 1998.

As focus shifted towards al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula as the main suspects behind the tragedy, former UK air accident investigator Phil Giles said: “It’s a real mystery.

“But it sounds like there could have been a device, placed on the plane earlier at another airport in some kind of Lockerbie ­situation. It may have been placed on board at Paris, though security is very tight there.

“We may see a focus on the airside staff there in the coming days.”

Aviation expert Jean-Paul Troadec added: “There’s a strong possibility of an explosion on board from a bomb or a suicide bomber.”

But aviation analyst Paul Charles said the plane’s sudden ­movements before crashing point to an on board struggle. He added: “It wasn’t ­necessarily a device on board. It would suggest the pilot has been involved in some sort of an ­incident in the cockpit.”

The tragedy came just days after Islamic State ­terrorists, who were behind last year’s Paris massacre, issued a fresh attack warning to France. – Daily Mirror


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