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ECRL: Here Are The Headlines For Today

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MAKING to the frontpages of the English dailies today are news about Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launching the RM55bil East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) as well as the heinous acts committed by a father charged with hundreds of sexual crimes against his teenage daughter.

Rail Boom Goes East – The Star reported that the RM55bil ECRL from Port Klang to Kota Baru will not only shorten travel time between the west and the underdeveloped east of the peninsula, it will also unlock huge economic potential, create thousands of jobs and bring down the country’s carbon footprint.

East Coast Rail Booster – As frontpaged by New Straits Times, the launch of the RM55bil railway project saw the prime minister stating that the project is a game changer as well as mindset changer as he is confident that the 688km line will have tremendously positive impact on the economy and the lives of millions of people.

632 Charges – A 36-year-old consultant was charged with 632 sexual crimes against his 15-year-old daughter as he is accused of committing 599 counts of sodomy; one charge of rape; 30 counts of physical sexual assault without sexual intercourse; and one count each for abuse and neglect of a child, reported theSun.

Appalling – A father has been accused of a staggering 632 counts of sexual assault against his teenage daughter over two years in the newly-opened Special Court for Sexual Crimes Against Children, Malay Mail frontpaged.

Aside from highlighting news concerning the launch od the RM55bil ECRL Project, the Malay dailies reported on PAS urging for the continuation of investigations into the 1MDB case as well as a swarm of wasps attacking three children after its nest was destroyed.

Kelas Dunia (World Class) – The ECRL project will be a world class public transportation and will serve as a catalyst to boost the country’s economy, Utusan Malaysia reported. The RM55bil project, that has a length of 688km from Port Klang to Kota Baru, is expected to be completed in 2024 and will save traveling time as it will only take four hours to travel from Gombak to Kota Baru.

Nadi Baharu Ekonomi Pantai Timur (Big Boost To East Coast Economy) – Berita Harian highlighted that the Prime Minister has emphasised that the tens of billion project with have a magnanimous positive impact on the country’s economy and better yet, on the livelihood of folks living in Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

Projek RM55 Billion ECRL Siap Sebelum 2024 (RM55bil ECRL Project To Complete Before 2024) – As underlined by Kosmo!, the 668km railway link project will shorten travel time from Gombak, Selangor to Kota Baru, Kelantan as the traveling duration will be cut from 12 hours via driving to just a mere four hours once the ECRL is completed.

Siasatan Perlu Diteruskan (Investigation Must Continue) – Sinar Harian frontpaged that PAS has urged for the 1MDB debt to promptly be paid so that those who are in the wrong can be penalised without delay. The party has also urged for an in-depth and thorough investigation so that those who are guilty are caught and that no one is wrongfully accused.

Dendam Tebuan (Deadly Wasp Attack) – Three children were attacked by a swarm of wasps after its nest was destroyed when one of the three children threw a rock at it, Harian Metro reported. The incident led to the demise of a three-year-old due to the wasps’ venom, while the eight-year-old sister is in critical situation and the other sibling managed to run for his life.

The vernacular daily today reported that Prime Minister Najib Razak has called for local contractors to be involved in the ECRL project and the man accused of 632 sexual crimes pleading not guilty to all charges.

PM Najib Urges Local Contractors To Take Part In ECRL Project – As headlined on the frontpage of Sin Chew Daily, PM Najib announced that the Chinese counterpart involved in spearheading the ECRL project has agreed to permit Malaysian contractors to be involved in the project amounting to 30% and subsequently he has urged local contractors to not let the opportunity go to waste.

Man Charged With 632 Sexual Crimes Against Daughter – China Press reported that a man has been charged with 632 counts of sodomising his teenage daughter, rape and physical assault without intercourse on his 15-year-old daughter for two years. The accused pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. – Malaysian Digest


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