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Earthquake Leaves Nepalis Working In Msia Stunned

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PETALING JAYA: For several Nepalis working here, the catastrophe in their home country is heart-wrenching as they watch it from afar.

Factory worker Janak BK, 31, returned from Nepal five days ago after attending his mother’s funeral at Okaldonga, near Mount Everest.

His village was almost wiped out by an avalanche caused by Saturday’s earthquake which killed three of his buddies.

“My family is fine. But I am worried for my 72-year-old father who is alone,” said Janak, who has lived in Malaysia for 10 years.

“My wife is in Kathmandu and constantly updates me on the situation,” he said, adding that he had yet to speak to his father.

“The whole village is a mess. Even Kathmandu. The Dharahara Tower, which to me is like the ‘KLCC of Nepal’, is gone.”

He said the tragedy was a kick in the guts for him, especially after losing his mother.

“Not only Nepal is crying but all Nepalis in the world are crying. We are dumbstruck. It is painful to see the people in my country suffer.”

Another factory worker, Purna Bahadur Shretsa, 23, said his district, Gorkha, was badly affected and he had not been able to contact his family due to network problems.

“On that day, my family managed to call me to say everyone is fine. After that, I could not contact them.

“I was told that my village is gone and we do not have a house now. I am worried but I can only leave it in God’s hands,” said Shretsa.

He said he would return to Nepal once the situation was under control and help rebuild his family’s house.

“I want to go back and see my mother and three siblings. I want to be there to help them rebuild their lives. This is just devastating.”

Restaurant worker Santhosh Gurung, 23, who hails from Pokhara, said his family was okay.

“Our house is not damaged. I must admit that I had expected the worst but thank God nothing bad happened,” said Santhosh.

Sundar Lama, 24, also from Pokhara, said the residents in his village were lucky and that his family was safe.

“I am able to contact them and that is all that matters to me,” said Sundar, who also works in a restaurant here.-The Star

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