Dutch Hiker Rescued From Mount Singai

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MIRI – A 24-year-old Dutch hiker had to be rescued after fracturing his leg while mountain-climbing on Mount Singai near Kuching City on Sunday (March 25) night.

Denie Robert Paul, 24, fractured his leg during a fall after one of his legs got entangled in undergrowth.

The incident happened at about 9pm last night, said Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department in its latest report.

Bomba rescue personnels descending Mount Singai near Kuching after rescueing a Dutch mountain-climber who fractured his leg. – Bomba pic
Bomba Bau station carried out a rescue operation after being alerted of the case.

Rescue personnel who found him injured along the mountain trek secured him onto a stretcher before evacuating him for treatment.

Bomba Sarawak said the victim has been sent to the Bau Hospital for treatment. – The Star Online