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When Drugs Run In The Family

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For a teenager in Kuala Kedah, Kedah, getting hooked on drugs was easy as it runs in the family, reported Berita Harian Ahad.

The 14-year-old boy from a fishing village admitted that addiction among those living there was high.

“My own family introduced me to drugs. My older and younger siblings are addicts.

“If we want to get drugs, we use the money our parents give us. If that is still not enough, we work at the jetty,” he said.

He is among 70 addicts who were detained by the National Anti-Drug Agency during a recent two-hour operation at Kampung Hulu and Kampung Seberang Kota.

The agency’s prevention director Abdul Rahman Hamid said investigations showed that drug traffic­king was common in the area and many fishermen took drugs.

A 21-year-old woman who was detained in the operation said she came from Pendang to Kuala Kedah to sell drugs to other women in the area.

“In Kuala Kedah, we would usually move in a group. I stayed with other women in a rented house near the jetty,” said the woman who also admitted to having free sex.

“We sold drugs every evening at Kampung Tengah. Apart from drugs, we also gamble.”

A 41-year-old fisherman detained said drugs gave him the strength to work long hours.

“Every morning, someone will be there to sell the drugs. Sometimes the boat owner supplies us with the drugs,” he said.


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