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Drew Barry Doesn’t Care About Having A Hot Body

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DREW Barrymore claims she does not really care about having “a hot body” even though she thinks she looks “a little worse in a bathing suit” since becoming a mother.

The 40 year old actress, who has daughters Olive, three, and Frankie, 18 months, with husband Will Kopelman, thinks she looks “a little worse in a bathing suit” since becoming a mother, but says regaining her pre-pregnancy body isn’t a priority.

“Having a hot body is just not my thing. I care a little, I don’t care a lot. I never looked good in a bathing suit, so now I look worse in a bathing suit. I have cellulite but I would much rather have my kids and look a little worse in a bathing suit!” said the ‘Miss You Already’ star.

While Drew “tried to go gluten-free” to lose weight, dieting makes her “unhappy.”

The ‘Blended’ actress still enjoys kickboxing, yoga or using an elliptical a few times a week, as she thinks it’s good for her mind, and credits art consultant Will for helping her to embrace her new shape.

“He is the most complimentary person ever. I think that’s really important for women to have someone who really makes you feel good about yourself because that would be a giant disadvantage to your process of making babies or just being a woman in general to have someone make you feel like you had to be a certain way to turn them on or to be beautiful in their eyes. Be it complimentary or uncomplimentary, it really swings the pendulum vastly in each direction,” she explained. – Bernama


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