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Dr Siti Mariah Resigns As Vice-president Of Kota Raja PAS Division

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KLANG: PAS Member of Parliament for Kota Raja Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud has resigned as vice-president of the Kota Raja PAS division with immediate effect to join the new party to be established by Gerakan Harapan Baru(GHB) later this month.

Also resigning were 183 office bearers from various levels, including the president Jaafar Samsudin along with nine branch chiefs of the party in the constituency.

Dr Siti Mariah said the move was made in response to the party’s top leadership’s call for members who wanted to join GHB to relinquish their current posts.

“This decision was made taking into account the differences in the political approach of PAS currently, which has not shown any sign of reconciliation with DAP,” she told a press conference at her office here.

She said PAS did not handle the ‘hudud’ issue properly, ultimately causing the Islamic party to sever its ties with DAP.

On the status of her membership in PAS, Dr Siti Mariah said it would automatically expire after she joined GHB, which was seen as more open, inclusive, and capable of uniting Malaysians.

She also stressed that Kota Raja PAS divisIon was not dissolved, as she and her other colleagues who had resigned today would hand over their duties to the remaining 11 members of the area’s PAS committee Wednesday night.

At the same press conference, Klang PAS committee member Abdul Rashid Osman said a total of three committee members including himself had tendered their resignation to join GHB.

Three committee members from Kapar PAS also followed suit.

Meanwhile, Selangor PAS secretary Mohd Khairuddin Othman said the party’s administration in Selangor was not affected by the en masse resignation of members from PAS Kota Raja today.

He said Selangor PAS had taken over the administration of the party in the constituency, and would fill the void.

“We found that only a small number of PAS members in the divisional and branch levels are involved with GHB, the rest we found that they were not our members,” he said in a statement.– BERNAMA












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