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Dr M Very Disappointed By President’s Speech At Umno AGM

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PETALING JAYA: Days after the Umno general assembly, former party president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hasspoken out saying that he was ‘very disappointed’ with the president’s speech.

In his latest blog post on Wednesday, the fervent critic of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the speech was ‘focused and limited’ to Najib defending himself.

“The president claimed, he is a gentleman, magnanimous, brave, not a coward and will not surrender.

“The party’s struggle and government under his leadership was not mentioned. There was no mention on problems like 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and money worth RM2.6bil in his Arab Malaysian bank account, which the delegates want to know so that they can explain to the other members and public.

“The country’s deteriorating economy, fall of the Malaysian ringgit and the effect it has on the living and import cost were not mentioned and there was no suggestion on how to overcome these problems.

“Problems caused by GST were not touched and he only mentioned how the government’s finances were by saved by the heavy taxes, which burdened the people,” lamented Mahathir.

He poked fun at Najib’s statement on the help of the party’s deputy president, vice president and members to the president by saying that he misinterpreted the word ‘tolong’ (help) for ‘support’.

“In English, it means ‘assist’ or ‘help’. Assistance and help means giving opinions and thoughts on policies and action mooted by the president.

“If the president is weak, or sick thus the deputy and vice presidents need to help. If the president is wrong, other members should fix it.

“But the president only interpreted assist as support. It was said in the speech, be loyal and obedient to the leadership.

“In his terms, when we are called, we come, when we are asked to go, we leave. That is basis of it. That is what the president wants,” he ridiculed.

Dr Mahathir piled on the attack when he said if members do not follow the instructions of the president or speak out on his mistakes, then action will be taken to suspend or kick them out from the party.

“The police did not only question me but restrictions have been made against me, worse than the opposition leader.

“All halls have been closed for me until I could not meet or talk with the Umno members or public. Hotels have been warned that they will not be given any ‘government business’ if they accepted me to give a speech in their halls.

“This is the attitude of a magnanimous gentleman. He looks like a boss who has the tied the hands of his enemies so that he can beat them without any retaliation,” he said.

Those days, Dr Mahathir said challenging the president was a normal thing and the challenger was free to talk anywhere.

The former leader also went on to predict that deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also the Home minister, will work on getting him questioned again by the police because of his speeches and postings in his blog.

“Under the law, in what way am I going to be questioned? Advising the party president or prime minister and also urging the prime minister to quit is not wrong in a democratic country.

“Why, out of all the thousands of people urging Najib to step down, am I the only one being questioned by police?” questioned Dr Mahathir.

He said some quarters do not understand the issues faced by the party and they can go on thinking that it is only a communication problem between the president and deputy president thus handshakes will solve the problem.

“This is not a communication or friendship problem. It is the president’s wrongdoing, which can lead to the party’s defeat in the general elections.

“If Najib quits, it will be celebrated. If he does that, he is a true magnanimous gentleman.”


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