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Dr. Asri: I’ve Been Fair In Protecting The Rights Of Muslims And Non-Muslims

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PETALING JAYA: In defending the rights of the people, Perlis mufti Datuk Dr Asri Zainul Abidin said he has been fair in speaking up for Muslims and non-Muslims.

Muslims, he said, should be given the space to practice their religion just like the non-Muslims, who have their right to practice their religion in the country.

He was commenting on his Facebook page status on Jan 2 when he urged Malaysia Airlines (MAS) to allow Muslim flight attendants to wear the head scarf and not serve alcohol.

Some netizens have expressed shock over his statement because they always saw Dr Asri, fondly known as Dr Maza, as a rational and progressive person.

However, from the point of human rights, Dr Asri stressed that he had always defended the rights of Muslims and non-Muslims.

“I have never said that you have to force everyone to tutup aurat. Space should be given to Muslims to practise their religion. In Islam, it is not right to serve alcohol. I am talking from the point of human rights.

“If someone forces a non-Muslim to tutup aurat, I do not agree because it is their right to wear what they want. Same rule goes to Muslims, they should be given their rights to practise their beliefs,” he said.

Dr Asri clarified that he did not suggest to MAS that all their employees should cover up and he was only talking about the rights of the Muslim workers.

“I find it strange when some people are against me. I defend Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This time it is for Muslims. Why should MAS serve liquor to the passengers? People talk about it.

“I know some personnel who shared some stories. It was not good. I do not think people fly MAS because they serve alcohol,” he said.


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