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Dont’t Politicise Suggestion For Umno-PAS Coalition Govt.

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SHAH ALAM – Karangkraf Media Group founder Datuk Hussamuddin Yaacub today urged all parties, including political leaders, not to politicise his statement suggesting the formation of a PAS-Umno coalition government in Kelantan.

Hussamuddin said he had no hidden agenda in making the suggestion, and the comments made by various quarters over the issue were in contradiction to his real intention.

“There are political leaders who say that I was deliberately trying to sell Sinar Harian (Karangkraf’s newspaper) by making the statement urging Kelantan PAS and Umno to form a coalition state government.

“My statement has been politicised by politicians who are bankrupt of ideas. Do they know my real intention…why I suggested that? My good intention has been politicised,” he told a news conference at the Karangkraf complex, here, today.

He was responding to the statement by PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa yesterday, which rejected the proposal for a PAS-Umno coalition government in
Kelantan and which also claimed that Hussamuddin was trying to sell his newspaper by making the proposal.

Hussamuddin said he viewed his suggestion as the best way to rebuild Kelantan which was almost totally destroyed by the floods.

“Before the floods, Kelantan appeared to be 40 years behind the other states and after the floods, it may be 80 years behind because so many residents have lost their homes and the traders, their business premises.

“I am not speaking as a politician here as I am not a politician, I am a businessman and also a Kelantanese. Why I said the need to form a coalition government? This is because the current state government is not so effective in managing everything,” he said.

In a recent interview with Sinar Harian, Hussamuddin called on PAS and Umno leaders in Kelantan to form a coalition government and to set aside their political interests to ensure that the people in Kelantan could rise again after the floods which had destroyed their homes and belongings.

Hussamuddin said the people in Kelantan had for far too long suffered from the political conflict between Barisan Nasional and PAS in the state. – BERNAMA


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