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Don’t Get Pregnant At 17

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PETALING JAYA – A teenager who found herself pregnant at 17 shared that she wished her parents had been more open with her and taken their time to talk about pre-marital sex.

“Every time I hinted about things relating to sex, my mother would look at me like I have sinned,” said the girl known as Ana, 19.

Recalling her first meeting with her 27-year-old boyfriend who was a lorry driver, Ana said they met when she was 16 at a restaurant near her school.

“I never noticed him until one day the waiter told me that someone had already paid for my meal. That was when everything started.

“He smiled at me and I went over to thank him and we started talking. I did not think anything was wrong with making friends until we were alone in the car one day and he slipped his hands up my pinafore,” she said.

She was caught off-guard.

Ana, who is from a small town in Johor, said: “I honestly did not know if it was wrong but I knew that it made me feel uncomfortable.

That evening, when I was watching a movie with my mum, I tried asking her about it by relating it to a movie, but she shut me off by saying I was being inappropriate.

“Confused by the whole situation, I continued to entertain the text messages from my boyfriend who comforted me by saying that he would never hurt me and that he loved me very much. I believed him,” she said.

Things “just happened” then, she said, adding that it was initially painful, but it changed after that.

“He always reassured me that he was never going to leave me. I was happy, until one day my classmates and I were talking about menstruation and I realised I was four weeks late.

“The thought of it scared me and I immediately contacted my boyfriend. He did not reply and had been unreachable since then,” she said.

Ana eventually told her mother but confessed that she did not entirely understand the seriousness of the situation.

“My mum was furious and she hit me but she agreed to help me out. We met a friend of hers who helped with the abortion.

“All I can say now is that a teenager should never have to go through what I went through. They should not be left in the dark the way as I was,” she said. – The Star Online


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