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Dog Rescuer Anis Says Act Was ‘Spontaneous’,’Natural’

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PETALING JAYA: Although her religious beliefs discourage her from touching a dog, 34-year old Anis Mohd Taufik has no qualms about rescuing one from a busy street in Klang last week.

Anis said her actions of carrying the injured dog to safety, which was caught on video by a passing motorist last Friday, was “a spontaneous act.”

“It’s a normal act, a spontaneous act. I didn’t think of anything. It’s just that,” said Anis.

On Monday night, Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) uploaded the 33-second clip of the rescue to its Facebook page. The uploader of the video revealed her identity.

“The person who rescued this dog was Anis Mohd Taufik. The accident happened at Teluk Panglima Garang.

“The dog wore a red collar without a tag. It happened on Friday…late evening @ 11/3. The dog passed away few minutes after she was rescued,” MIAR said in its posting at 11.05pm Monday.

Anis was praised as a hero on social media for stopping to help the injured dog. She said she did it out of concern that the dog would be left with no help from anyone.

She said she was afraid that the dog would be hit by other vehicles if it was left on the road.

“The dog was very heavy. I carried the dog from the road to the divider and along the divider. That was recorded on the video,” said Anis.

“To me, even though dogs are considered unclean and we are not supposed to touch them, but we have been given guidance on how to clean ourselves after handling them,” she added.-The Star Online

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