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Doctor Says Humans Can’t Lay Eggs; It’s Just Weird Poop

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Last week, we ran the story of a sexagenarian who claimed he had been laying eggs since 1998. But today, we are going to debunk this somewhat mythical being/chicken wannabe.

It may look exactly like an egg, but whatever came out of Jakarta local Kakek Sinin’s anus is definitely not an egg. In fact, Dr Ari Fahrial Syam from the Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta,is sure that Kakek Sinin’s ‘eggs’ are by-products of his digestive system.

“If it reached the anus, then it’s probably left overs from the digestive process. So the ‘eggs’ are most likely feces, even though they look different from regular human feces,” Dr Ari said today.

Dr Ari explained that some feces may have different textures and hardness due to imbalances in food and beverage consumption. And, due to some abnormalities, some people’s feces can be grey or even green in color.

Even so, according to Dr Ari, Kakek Sinin’s egg-like feces are extremely rare. But one thing is clear: what came out of Kakek Sinin’s anus are not eggs in the reproductive sense.

Because that would be all kinds of weird and disgusting.MYNEWSHUB/Jakarta Coconuts

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