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DIY Beauty Treatments That Are Perfect For The Weekends

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Sunday nights were made for relaxing. Seriously, what’s better than curling up on the couch, watching Mad Men and Game of Thrones, and unwinding before another busy week begins? This weekend, take the time to pamper your skin and hair. Try these easy, expert-approved tips for a glowing complexion and healthy hair on Sunday night—you won’t believe how good you look when you wake up!

Whip Up a Brightening DIY Facial

Use the ingredients you have in your pantry to make this face mask.

Ingredients: Eight to 10 leaves of spinach, half a banana, and a few drops of organic avocado oil

Directions: Blend lightly—just enough so that you can spread the mixture evenly on your face. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes, then rinse.

Spinach provides oxygen to the blood cells, which will improve your circulation and give your skin a healthy glow. Banana, meanwhile, contains natural oils that will increase your circulation and collagen production, while the avocado oil will help soften your skin and boost your radiance.

Moisturize to the Max

To really revive dry skin, swap your traditional lotion for any product with hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin lock in water. To really reap the rewards of your moisturizer, exfoliate first using one that contains glycolic and salicylic acids to slough off dead skin.

Prevent Puffy Eyes

That Saturday night coffee could be to blame for your under-eye puffiness—but you can undo the damage before the work week begins. Under-eye puffiness is normally water retention and it’s usually caused by eating too much salt and not drinking enough water, who recommends sleeping with your window open a crack on Sunday night.

Show Your Scalp Some Love

When you’re super busy during the week, it’s hard to find the time for a scalp massage. This Sunday, commit 10 minutes to a full massage like you’d receive at the salon. Massaging your shampoo into your scalp “stimulates blood flow, which helps the cells repair themselves.

Perform circular motions with your fingers, pressing the product into your scalp for deep penetration. If you’ve got a dry scalp, Stone recommends applying tea tree oil, letting it absorb before you rinse it out.-MYNEWSHUB.CC



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