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David McKenzie’s Healthy Lifestyle Captures Lana Nodin’s Heart

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Actress Lana Nodin, 35, admits that her future husband, David McKenzie’s alcohol and cigarette-free lifestyle was what reeled her in when they first met.

A former Olympics athlete in volleyball, David goes through a disciplined and healthy lifestyle to keep himself in top form.

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption would limit the body’s function by decreasing cardiovascular health as well as muscle mass, two of the most important things a sportsman needs to perform his best on the field.

“I couldn’t believe it at first– I thought a mat salleh (Caucasian) who doesn’t drink and smoke is non-existent in this world, but boy, was I wrong!

“He lives his life so positively and in a surprisingly tame manner, so that definitely left a huge impression for me,” she says.

Lana then revealed to the press present during a media conference held to announce her marriage plans in Hotel Istana,Kuala Lumpur, last Wednesday.

“We met at a party in Singapore on Oct.26 last year, and our relationship took off from there.

“David is so serious about the relationship that he proposed to me when we were visiting New York on Jan. 3.”

Meanwhile, Lana also expressed his gratitude as David is opened to embrace Islam and he has been  studying the religion while he was working in Dubai 7 years ago.

“I told him, if he really wants to marry me, then he would have to convert to my religion. Turned out David knew this all along and he was ready to become a Muslim.

“So far he has managed to memorize the Al-Fatihah, and I am so proud of his accomplishment,” adds Lana.

Seeing that David was more than ready to embark on his conversion to Islam, Lana sought the help of her friends, husband and wife actors Lisdawati and Fauzi Nawawi for David to officially convert on Dec. 5 last year.

The procedure went on without a glitch, and David is now know as his Muslim name of Mohd. Daud McKenzie.

David@Daud, has a Irish-Pinoy lineage so he adapts himself well with the Asian culture. He also loves eating spicy  Malaysian food.-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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