David Duchovny’s Directing Nerves

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THE 56-year-old actor David Duchovny previously took the reins on episodes of his TV shows ‘The X Files’ and ‘Bones’ and was happy to get the chance to do so again for the second series of ‘Aquarius’, in which he plays homicide detective Sam Hodiak.

He said ahead of getting behind the camera: “I’m happy to have the opportunity, it’s been a couple of years since I directed so I get a little nervous, It’s been a while but I’m looking forward to getting my feet wet again.”

David thinks it is beneficial for the whole cast to have someone who knows the project as well as he does in the director’s chair.

He explained: “We enjoy working with directors we’ve worked with before, we like getting into a groove with people we know, that’s fun for the crew and everybody and it’s the same when an actor does it because everybody knows how the show works, there’s no breaking in period.”

When it comes to getting into character, David who has children Madelaine, 17, and Kyd, 14, with ex-wife Tea Leoni truly feels like the detective once he is got his trademark spiky hair and is ready for filming.