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Davey The Quokka Predicts Turnbull Win

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SYDNEY (Reuters) – Saturday’s Australian election is too close to call for many, but Davey the quokka has predicted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal party-led coalition will run out winners over Bill Shorten’s opposition Labor.

The small four-year-old native Australian marsupial made the prediction at Wild Life Sydney Zoo on Friday after being left to choose between two jars of his favourite eucalyptus leaves, one labelled Turnbull and the other Shorten.

Davey, the size of a domestic cat, initially moved towards Shorten’s jar before changing his mind and eating the leaves in prime minister Turnbull’s pot.

Australia is set for a cliffhanger election, with Turnbull warning of economic chaos if his gamble on an early poll backfires and leaves him without the outright majority he needs to enact major reforms.

(Reporting by Reuters TV. Editing by Patrick Johnston and Michael Perry)

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